Granite Bay Synagogue Damaged by Fire

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GRANITE BAY -- A fire broke out early Saturday morning at a synagogue, located at the Chabad House Jewish Community Center along Douglas Boulevard in Granite Bay.

"They came in, they broke into the building, and they put out the fire, and they saved our Torah Scrolls," said Malkie, the JCC's education director.

Torah scrolls are considered the sacred foundation to the Jewish religion, which they say are like a blueprint, from which God created the world.

South Placer County firefighters entered the sanctuary and rescued the scrolls, housed in this arc, adorned by the Ten Commandments and the symbol above, which reads "You always stand before God."

"And we are grateful to the fire department for their ultra-sensitivity to our religion, as well as being such fast responders. Our local fire department. They're absolutely incredible," she said.

The inside may look pretty intact for the most part, although "everything was completely smoke damaged," Malkie said, including all the prayer books held by synagogue members during each service, along with the books of study.

The fire was so intense, it melted table cloths, leaving a dusty soot over everything.

Firefighter investigators say the fire was accidental, but just how it started is still being determined.

They know it likely began in the center of the synagogue, which left the circled area full of ashes.

But out of the this fire comes determination.

"We will rebuild the synagogue. We will restore it. It will be nicer than before," Malkie vowed.

Ironically, the structure itself was at one time, the area's fire station.

"Everything that happens is divine providence. God watches every step of the way," Malkie added. "We're so grateful that, thank God, nobody got hurt."

On Monday, the firefighters will be honored at 1:30 p.m., at the JCC, 4410 Douglas Boulevard in Granite Bay.

Everyone is welcome.

If you would like to help members rebuild their Synagogue, you can make donations to: