Celebrate Randall Fest with Fountainhead Brewing

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Fountainhead Brewing Company talks about the Randall Fest coming up tomorrow.  A Randall is an organoleptic hop transducer module, a double-chamber filter that you connect to a tap of your favorite beer and fill with flavor-enhancing ingredients.  The event features multiple breweries serving unique randall-infused beers.  Fountainhead will be pouring their Good Vibez pale ale infused with strawberries.  Check out Fountainhead Brewing Company and celebrate Randall Fest.

More info:
Randall Fest
3/11, 3-7pm
5440 14th Ave
(916) 662-7262

Fountainhead Brewing Company
4621 24th St.
(916) 228-4610
Facebook: @SacFountainHead
Twitter: @SacFountainHead