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Stanislaus County Judge’s Son Suspect in Shootout with Police

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TURLOCK -- A Stanislaus County judge’s son is now the prime suspect in a shootout that ended in Merced County on Thursday night.

Forty-one-year-old Kevin Mayhew is the son of Judge William Mayhew.

Hours before the shootout, Turlock Police detectives were attempting to serve a search warrant near Quincy Road and Hawkeye Avenue in Turlock. The warrant stems from a homicide that happened last Halloween.

Turlock Police Chief Nino Amirfar said his investigators tried to talk to Mayhew, but he took off and led officers on chase into Merced County. A spike strip stopped his car but it wasn’t over yet. Mayhew opened fire with an assault rifle, according to investigators.

"We know there were six officers involved, all of them discharged their weapons,” Amirfar said.

Two Merced County Sheriff’s deputies, two Merced Police officers and one Turlock Police officer fired their weapons, one bullet hit Mayhew.

"We don't know which one single round hit the victim,” the chief explained.

The chief said the 41-year-old was grazed and he will survive. Now he’s facing attempted murder of a police officer charges. As for the Turlock Police officer, the chief said he’s never been involved in anything like this before, but he’ll be OK.

"I spent a lot of time with him last night, but he'll get through it,” Amirfar said.

The chief added that numerous weapons were found in Mayhew’s car after the shootout.

The Department of Justice is handling the crime scene investigation and the Merced County Sheriff’s Department is taking care of the criminal portion.