Visitors Concerned by Amount of Car Accidents at Stockton Dog Park

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 STOCKTON -- It’s a beautiful day at the Barkleyville dog park in Stockton but what used to be a carefree trip, is now a cause for concern.

“My god it happened so quick,” Roxanne Freeman said.

Freeman said she brought her dog Cricket to the park Monday around 3 in the afternoon. While her pooch was exploring a driver on Feather River Road veered off and hit the dog park’s fence. Freeman said the driver took out a part of the fence.

“I definitely think they were speeding and lost control,” she said.

Now, a plastic net covers two parts of the fence that protects owners and their animals from certain danger. Freeman said she has seen at least two other accidents at the park within the past few months.

"We like this (park) but it's scary to know that could happen,” Freeman told FOX40.

Park visitors we spoke to said they’ve also seen crash after crash.

"A little crazy on this road I mean they've gone through the fence since I've been here at least four times,” Walter Gibbs said.

"Sometime's there's screeching tires, sometimes it's pretty hectic coming down off the hill right here,” Sue Meza explained.

Many dog owners believe additional measures need to be taken to keep everyone in the park safe. Freeman suggested a concrete wall.

"I mean if they want to be negligent in how they drive let them hit the cement bricks,” she said.

The Stockton Police Department said they’ve responded to a number of accidents at the park throughout the years. They advise drivers to slow down and pay attention when making that tight turn on Feather River Road.