Some Complain About Heat, Lack of Shade at Capitol Beer Festival’s New Location

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SACRAMENTO -- Sunday's Capitol Beer Festival brought in a sell-out crowd to downtown Sacramento. But after three years of being on the Capitol Mall, this year it was moved to the Fifth Street Bridge near the Sacramento Railyards. Many who went were upset by the lack of shade.

"A lot of complaints about the heat and the sun," said Chris Hebert, who attended the event Sunday.

Many who went questioned why the event had been moved from the Capitol Mall to the Railyards.

"I was not as big of a fan this year as I was the last year, mostly because of the heat. And then... It was a bridge, so it was a lot skinnier, so there was a lot more people packed into it," said Anil Mantri.

Mantri is just one of the nearly 7,000 who attended. He took issue with the heat.

"There wasn't a lot of inherent shade on the bridge itself," he said.

But beer fest organizers say they couldn't keep the event on the Capitol Mall because the city's rules surrounding the Golden 1 Center.

"With the traffic flow issues that are with Capitol Mall, the city is requiring everyone to be off the mall by 3:45, any given day, and it's just not realistic to put on a beer fest and be off the mall by 3:45 in the afternoon," said Randy Seevers, who puts on the festival for his charity, Runnin' for Rhett, which raises money for after school youth fitness programs.

Seevers said he looked at several different new venues for this year's festival, including Old Sacramento and other locations in midtown, but in the end, he said it was the city that pushed for the Fifth Street Bridge.

"I would think that next if we do it, maybe we get some tents and some water stations, it was hot out there," said Glynn Phillips, who runs Rubicon Brewing Company.

Phillips told FOX40 while it was hot, the event was a success for him.

"It's clean, you're not in a dusty field somewhere... There are very few brew fests in the state of California that bring 7,000 people in," he said.

Mantri said he had absolutely no problems with the brew, but he hopes next year, the event will change venues once again.

"I would not want to see it on that bridge no, just because it was too hot... And even if they had the shade, I think it was too compact," Mantri told FOX40.

Seevers said he is not set on holding the festival on the Fifth Street Bridge again.

He will be looking at Old Sac again as well as inside the Golden 1 Center. But since he has a whole year, they are not making a final decision anytime soon.