Student Arrested After Bringing Loaded Gun to Citrus Heights School

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CITRUS HEIGHTS -- Students and parents at San Juan Academy were shocked to hear a student was arrested Wednesday, accused of bringing a loaded gun onto campus.

"I was actually quite upset. I went right into my daughter's room, and I was like, 'Did you know about this?'" parent Susan Schmidt said.

Schmidt was surprised after getting a email from the San Juan Unified School District Wednesday evening, explaining that a 16-year-old boy was arrested at her daughter's campus for having a loaded gun.

Citrus Heights police says the reason they were able to make an arrest was thanks to an anonymous tip they got from a student from nearby Del Campo High School.

They said that student saw pictures of the San Juan Academy student with a gun on Social Media, and alerted the District. At 2:30 p.m., a Citrus Heights PD Campus officer found the boy in class, and searched his backpack.

"He did have a loaded firearm inside of a bag. And [we] found some marijuana along with it, packaged for sales," Sgt. Jason Baldwin with the Citrus Heights Police Department said.

School staff said the 16-year-old is a Citrus Heights resident, who just recently started at the alternative education school. Police said the young man has a criminal history. Some parents said they wished they had been told about the incident sooner.

"I should have been notified before 7 p.m., that a kid was on school campus with a gun. It was just quite upsetting that they waited so long to do that, Schmidt said.

Investigators said the teen was charged with one felony count of bringing a loaded firearm onto campus, and two misdemeanors. In the end, both police and parents said they were relieved that a potential crisis was averted.

They commend the anonymous student who followed their gut -- who saw something, and said something.

"There might be some concern about 'Oh, I don't want to be a snitch, I don't want to be a tattletale.' But we want to thank anybody who was involved in reporting the incident to us. You know, good job," Sgt. Baldwin said.

"That's amazing that these kids went out of their way to notify the school or whoever they notified that they saw this post. We need more of that," Schmidt said.

At this point, investigators believe this was an isolated incident, with no intended target or motive. The boy was booked into Sacramento Juvenile Hall.