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Fans Welcome Home UC Davis Men’s Basketball Team

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DAVIS -- The roar of a plane engine greeted players in Sacramento, but the UC Davis men's basketball team got their real welcome back on campus.

The Aggies are home from Tulsa after losing to Kansas 62 to 100 in the NCAA Tournament Friday, but they're still winners here in Davis.

"We were excited for them; it was fun to watch them play," said supporter Tim Hanks.

The players feel the love.

"People from all over the university, the city of Davis and the Sacramento area, it's just been out of control," said Aggies guard Darius Graham.

It may not be the Cinderella story of March Madness, but it's the region's Cinderella story.

In UC Davis' first appearance in the NCAA Division 1 tournament, the Aggies beat out North Carolina Central then went head-to-head with top seeded Kansas. The loss doesn't take away from the experience.

"The game was very intense, it was a different kind of experience," said Aggies guard Brynton Lemar. "You're playing against the number one team in the country, Kansas, and you see a lot of fans out there."

It's a story the three seniors will remember forever.

"Last few games we really picked up as a team defensively, offensively; the fluidity, our chemistry built," said Aggies guard Lawrence White. "Coming together, especially for the championship, it was a great."

It was something especially meaningful for Sacramento native Darius Graham.

"To sit here at the end of my career and say I helped put this university at a great place to move forward, I can't ask for nothing better," Graham said.