Off-Duty CHP Officer Fatally Shoots Man Breaking Into His Home

REDDING — An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer shot an intruder multiple times Sunday after he broke into the officer’s home.

While at another break-in in the neighborhood, Redding police officers received reports of the off-duty officer and the intruder who was trying to kick in his front door.

Redding police officers were dispatched to a Country Oak Drive home at 3:08 a.m. after calls came in about a suspect prowling around the residence. He had attempted to break in through the back door, according to the Redding Police Department.

After a failed search for the prowler, the officers were called about the incident happening just down the street.

Upon arrival they discovered the off-duty officer inside, holding an intruder at gunpoint.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital where he died from his wounds.

At this time the investigation into the shooting is ongoing and officials have not released the identity of the CHP officer or the intruder.