Same Huskies Kill Second Cat at Woman’s West Sacramento Home

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- Gearing up for another round of chemotherapy, 11-year-old Bobby clings to 10-month-old Buck -- the only cat he has left after a vicious attack in his yard Saturday.

That's when Buck's brother, Bubba, was killed by two huskies who live in a condo complex a block away.

"All of a sudden the husky just went 'whew,' just in front of my face, and I screamed, and the second I looked at him, and I recognized the dog and thought 'oh my god,' " said Bobby's mom, Stephanie James, of West Sacramento.

"I knew Bubba was outside in the yard, and the other dog had him in his mouth and was shaking him," she said sobbing.

James was too upset to show her face on camera while talking about the incident.

Part of her sadness and outrage comes from the fact that this is the second time the same huskies have killed a cat of hers in her yard.

The dogs attacked 15-year-old Bosco a year and a half ago while he was sunning outside.

"They had him at each end of his body, the two male dogs, and they were pulling and twisting to try and rip him in half, " James remembered through tears.

Not only have the losses caused great hurt, but also great confusion for her autistic son who doesn't understand why this had to happen to his pets as well as for the orange tabby left behind.

Who does she hold responsible?

"Mike Virga...Michael Virga," she said.

"Why is it that I should either be forced to move or take my child out of his home because someone else can't control his animals?" she said.

FOX40 talked to that someone -- the owner of the huskies -- who freely admitted in a full-face, on-camera interview that he feels terrible about his dogs killing Bubba and Bosco after accidentally getting out of his condo.

He later asked that his interview not be used out of concern for his safety.

He did share that in a confrontation after Saturday's killing, Stephanie James punched his wife.

James says it was a slap and that she knows she overreacted.

"If I see her I would apologize to her for slapping her. I've got an 11-year-old autistic kid with cancer and she killed his cat. It's her responsibility," said James.

The dogs' owner has been cited over the incidents, but James doesn't feel that's enough.

After Bosco's death she says she felt the dogs would kill again, and that's exactly what happened.

Yolo County Animal Services is looking into this case.