Pollock Pines Residents Surprised to See Snow

POLLOCK PINES -- A surprise snow flurry caught many El Dorado County residents off guard, piling up snow in parking lots, driveways and roads.

El Dorado County road crews were busy most of the day clearing streets.

The forecast was snow at 5,000 foot elevations. Pollack Pines is at 4,000 feet and the snow was an unexpected sight for homeowner Brian Matthews.

"This is not spring weather, but I like makes it beautiful, you wake up it's white, it's nice," said Mattews.

Many residents said at the beginning of the year they were hoping for lots of snow to help with California's drought.

But with a long and trying winter with record amounts of precipitation, views have changed.

Jessica Hughes had to clean her car's wheel wells of ice when temperatures dropped.

"It's nice because we needed the water to bring it back up, but I'm ready for sun and beach and sun," said Hughes.

Historically, snow in the early days of spring is not unusual, but springs have by-in-large been mild during five years of drought.

With this year's heavy winter storms, it seems many foothill residents are ready for warmer weather sooner rather than later.