Apartment Managers Fail to Pay Bill, Leave Residents Without Water for 24 Hours

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SACRAMENTO -- Residents in one Sacramento apartment complex are angered after their water was turned off for a 24-hour period, because of the complex managers’ failure to pay the water bill.

Dishes piled in the sink, loads of dirty laundry and a counter full of empty water jugs all awaited Bernard Plummer Friday morning in his unit of the Pacific Rim apartment complex off Sunny Slope Drive in South Sacramento. He, and residents in 31 other units, had no running water from Thursday morning until just after 10:00 am Friday.

"We are people living here," Plummer said. "This isn't an animal shelter where you can just throw a bowl down there and say, 'I hope this water lasts you.'"

Plummer, and other neighbors say management never came to their doors to notify residents they'd be without water. Instead, a single paper posted on the leasing office door was the only explanation. That explanation says the county faced a water main break, and that water would return by 3 p.m. Thursday.

Soon after seeing the post, a few residents noticed a different sign posted to the complex gate -- a notice from the water company. It was a shut off notice because the complex managers didn’t pay their bill.

“Water bill is supposed to be paid by management,” Plummer said.

Pacific Rim’s website confirms water, sewer and trash are 100 percent paid for by the apartment's management. Residents say the apartment managers didn’t want to admit blame, and that management intentionally misled them.

Management wasn’t there when FOX40 came to the leasing office, so we called the phone number posted near the door. There was no answer. Fox40 couldn’t leave a voicemail because the answering machine was full.

FOX40 also called Sunny Slope Association LLC, the company that owns this property. They too didn’t return our calls.

Often, residents say, no one is available at the lease office. Further, several residents who didn’t want to speak to FOX40 on camera said maintenance problems at Pacific Rim go weeks or months without being fixed.

"It was really a mess because my kids didn't get to shower last night," said Plummer, who’s had his own issues with the complex in the past, but 24 hours without water, he says, tops all of them. "Being in a complex, we shouldn't have issues like that."