Residents Forced to Jump from Burning Apartment Building in Chico

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CHICO -- Twenty residents had to evacuate their homes Friday as a fire took over a two-story apartment complex in Chico.

Reports initially came into the Chico Fire Department at 4:43 a.m. Callers notified authorities that they had seen residents at the Oak Meadows Apartments on 1450 Springfield Drive jumping from their windows to escape the flames.

As the fire took over the building, flames blocked front doors and 11 people, including two children, had to flee their apartments out of windows and through alternate routes of escape.

One family had to toss their 8-month-old out of a two-story window to a person below. Another family climbed through a window carrying their 2-year-old.

Two people sustained burn injuries in the fire; the severity of their conditions are unknown. One burn victim was transferred to UC Davis Medical Center for further treatment.

Through an aggressive attack against the blaze, 21 firefighters knocked down the fire in about 15 minutes.

An investigation is currently underway to uncover the cause and origin of the fire.