Ivanka Trump to Attend Women’s Empowerment Summit in Berlin

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Ivanka Trump is making her first trip abroad since her father took office, representing the United States at a women’s empowerment summit in Berlin late next month.

The trip was first reported by the Associated Press.

“Looking forward to working together in Berlin next month to promote the role of women in the economy and the future of our workforce globally #W20‬,” Trump posted on Facebook late Sunday evening, linking to AP’s report. She will join four additional United States delegates at the gathering, which promotes the economic participation of women in G20 member states.

The summit builds on Trump’s stated commitment to women’s empowerment. While she spoke passionately on the topic on the campaign trail and at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last July, she has not yet defined a platform or spoken publicly on the topic since her father took office more than two months ago.

This year’s summit, the third of its kind, will focus on labor market participation, access to finance for women entrepreneurs, and closing the digital gender divide, according to its website. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will participate in a panel on the final day of the summit.

While she doesn’t have an official White House title, Trump is moving into a West Wing office and obtaining security clearance, an administration official told CNN last week. She will also receive government-provided communications devices, although she will not draw a salary or technically be a government employee, per the official.

The President’s eldest daughter has long been a key trusted adviser to her father, through her young adulthood to her time as executive vice president of real estate development and acquisition at the Trump Organization, and, ultimately, during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump will continue to serve in that capacity, acting as the President’s “eyes and ears,” per her attorney, Jamie Gorelick.

“She will not be his only source of input and insight, obviously, but she may be able to provide insights into the concerns of people whom he might not meet as President,” Gorelick told CNN via email last week.

In the first several weeks of the administration, she’s already been on hand for key happenings, including roundtable discussions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a Florida school visit with her father and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, an Oval Office bill signing encouraging women in STEM, a visit to the National African American Museum of History and Culture and West Wing meetings on human trafficking and manufacturing, among others.

Trump’s participation in April’s summit will be her highest-profile public appearance during the Trump presidency to date, and the first time she will represent the administration outside of the United States.