Six People Face Charges Following Stockton City Council Incident

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STOCKTON -- The San Joaquin County District Attorney's office announced Monday it filed charges against six of the 12 protestors arrested after a city council meeting March 7, and in response protestors announced they would show support at the arraignments and march to city hall again Tuesday.

"We come with peace, we come to talk, but when we see the riot gear...," Dionne Smith said.

Smith is the mother of James Rivera Jr., a sixteen year old fatally shot by Stockton police in 2010 after leading them on a chase. Smith has since fought for the families of people killed in local officer involved shootings, demanding the release of surveillance footage.
When the 12 protestors were arrested at city hall March 7, Smith and others were demanding the release of video footage in Colby Friday's fatal shooting.

"So we're going to court. We're gonna go to support them and then we're gonna march from the courthouse to City Hall to sign in again," Smith said.

Smith said that filing charges against protestors will not deter them from coming back to City Hall to ask for answers, or marching in the streets. She said protestors would continue doing the same thing until they saw changes in the way local law enforcement agencies interacted with the people they served.

"If we go to jail for doing something that we believe in, then we have to go, we can't change that," Smith said.

"Six prosecutions by the DA is a good start, but until everybody that's lawfully arrested is lawfully prosecuted, it's not enough," Chuck Harris said.

Harris is the President of the Stockton Police Officer's Association.
He said prosecuting the protestors may be more difficult in the short term, but in the long term it would ensure that everyone was held accountable for their actions.

"Even if they go to court and support those who've been arrested, that's fine. But when they cross the line and break the law they need to be prosecuted accordingly just like the people that are there to watch," Harris said.

Ironically, that is the same expectation mothers like Dionne Smith are asking police departments to live up to.

"When I meet with the mothers of these men, they tell me to keep up the good work. And it's not about keeping up the good work. Because I believe in it. If I didn't believe in it, I'd been sitting down a long time ago," Smith said.

Five of the six protestors facing charges are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. in room 17.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney's office named these people and their charges below:

Christina Loring of Stockton, 22 yo
2 misdemeanors: battery and resisting

Kenneth Marbley of Stockton, 36 yo
4 misdemeanors: obstruction of justice and resisting

Dominique Johnson of Oakland, 30 yo
2 misdemeanors: battery and resisting

Lareesha Brown of Modesto, 25 yo

Trevor Johnson of Oakland, 28 yo
2 misdemeanors: resisting

Gabriel Mendez of Stockton, 18 yo
2 misdemeanors: battery and resisting
scheduled to appear in court April 5th