Stockton Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Appear in Court, Vow to Continue

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STOCKTON -- Black Lives Matter demonstrators arrested at recent Stockton City Council meetings, had their day in San Joaquin County Court.

Many came with family members who supported the defendants. Family and friends of people killed by Stockton Police gathered and marched at San Joaquin County Courthouse, hoping to get answers for their loved ones.

Lareesha Brown is one of 12 people arrested at a Stockton City Council meeting in early March. She has been an avid Black Lives Matter demonstrator since her friend, Colby Friday was shot and killed by Stockton Police on August 16.

"Eight months went by, and there's no answers to his children," Brown said.

Stockton police said Friday was suspected of armed robbery. When confronted by an officer, they say he reached for a gun. That is why they said officers had to shoot him.

The Stockton Black Lives Matter group disagreed.

At recent Stockton Council meetings, protesters have been pressuring the council to force the police department to release videos of these recent shootings.

Instead, Brown said things got rowdy.

In late February, she said a police officer in tactical gear hit her face with a baton. Brown was one of 12 people arrested for misdemeanor charges, including battery, resisting arrest and obstruction of justice.

On Tuesday, she faced a judge for her first arraignment. Colby Friday's mother Denise came to show her support.

"I feel like my son was assassinated. And I'm here to support the people that support me," Denise Friday said.

On Tuesday morning, Brown's arraignment was continued. She said she has an uphill battle. But will continue ask Stockton Police and the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office to release the videos, to give the families closure.

"[Let's] Make it less physical. More verbal," Brown said.

The group will reconvene at tonight's Stockton City Council meeting. They plan to speak when council addresses upgrades for the police department's body cameras.