Stanislaus County SWAT Team to Fly to Jordan for Warrior Challenge Competition

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STANISLAUS COUNTY -- Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson shared cell phone video he took of a display of force and teamwork at the Jordan Training Center in 2015.

He said this is part of what wowed him.

"We were invited to participate, I thought it was a great idea," Christianson said. "I came back and met with Chief Radford, who commands our SWAT team, and asked them if they’d like to go."

That impression has gone a long way.

Now eight of 15 SWAT team members will be heading to Jordan in May to participate in the Warrior Challenge competition, which includes tactical teams from around the world.

“We’re looking to just absorb and experience anything that they have to offer to add to our abilities to make our team better,” said Chief Mike Radford with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.

On this trip, the sheriff said his team will learn ways to deal with terrorism and the threat of terrorist activities.

"I want my team to have the best training and equipment there is and I want them prepared to address any incident should it occur, terrorist or not,” the sheriff stated.

This training will cost the department $24,512. The Sheriff gave FOX40 the cost breakdown: $12,000 for flights, $360 for parking, $10,000 for per diem and $1,000 for baggage.

The trip to Jordan is set for April 27 through May 4.

The sheriff said his annual training budget and county asset seizure money will take care of the costs.

He added that, while this is his team’s first trip to Jordan, the SWAT team trains every year in Alameda County.

"I actually spend more money sending them to Urban Shield than I will sending the team to Jordan,” the Sheriff said.

Christianson told FOX40 the costs of the training in the Bay Area are more than $23,000, but could not provide an exact amount at this moment.

The team returns on May 8, but those last three days are set for vacation in Paris.

The Sheriff stressed no taxpayer money will be used for that portion of the trip.

"As is always the case when my employees, an organization of 750 people, take vacation, they’re on their own time and their own dime,” Christianson said.

The Sheriff added in his itinerary he provided to FOX40 that lodging and transportation will be provided at no cost.