Heightened Deportation Fears in Stockton

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STOCKTON -- Deportation is a fear that has spiked in immigrant communities, particularly in Stockton.

Trena Tyler lives in a diverse neighborhood in the city, she said she has noticed more of her Latino neighbors fearing deportation.

“Lately a lot of people have been scared, you know, that if they’re not Americans or, you know, whatever, that they’re going to get sent back to their country,” Tyler said.

The Stockton Police Department has also tried to quell rumors posting an English-Spanish message on Facebook in February saying, “Rumors of immigration raids are false… it is our policy that our officers do not inquire about legal status during our interactions.”

The fear has spread throughout the Central Valley, the state, throughout the nation.

Immigrant groups took to the Capitol on Monday urging lawmakers to protect thousands from federal agents.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon has criticized federal agencies coming down on undocumented immigrants.

“We want to make sure that our families move forward with a plan to legalize and normalize the millions of hardworking, law abiding, tax paying residents of the great state of California,” he said.

A number of immigrant rights leaders in Modesto and Stockton are also trying to work with families and inform them of their rights in this insecure political climate. ​