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Oakland A’s Dedicate Field to Rickey Henderson on Opening Day

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Passed from father to son -- The Oakland A's opening day is a game sure, but for some, it's also a tradition.

"Trying to raise him as an A's fan. Living in LA it's kind of tough, but we catch a few games every year. My Dad's here as well, so we do a little Grandpa, father, son annual event on opening day," Matt Antonelli of Los Angeles said.

And this opening day there's something new in the tradition of this storied club... this field that they play on has a new name... but a name long familiar to A's fans.

"He's a great. Deserves this more than anything deserves this more than anything. Hometown boy. It's great to see him finally get some recognition," said Kerri Abreu of Calistoga.

Rickey Henderson, who once stole 130 bases in the same season... many right here on this field, will now have this field bear his name- it's a rare honor for any athlete... and rare display of deference from any ball club for an earlier era.

"Rickey, in this era of huge money stadium deals and teams wandering around the country, can you tell us what this stadium means to you?" FOX40 asked Henderson.

"This stadium means a whole lot, you know. I grew up in Oakland, I used to come to the ball park. A lot of time I didn't have money for a ticket, so I'd find a way i to the ball park," Henderson said.

The man who stole so many bases here... who stole so many hearts here... as a child stole his way into the park through a hole in the fence.

They've fixed those holes here these days, but even if this stadium is showing it's age... today that display is a sweet one, rich with nostalgia.