City of Sacramento Starts Accepting Pot Growing Applications

SACRAMENTO — The City of Sacramento is now accepting applications for non-residential marijuana cultivation, city officials said.

The process is appointment-based, but the city says at least 80 applications have been submitted.

The city says in order to run a marijuana growing business, a conditional use permit (CUP) and a business operating permit is needed. A CUP is required to apply for a business operating permit.

Along with those permits come fees. For grow sites 5,000 square feet and below, the operation fee is $9,700. For sites up to 22,000 square feet, the fee is $28,910.

CUP fees range from $16,640 to $33,610, which the city says is dependent on the proposed grow site and what kind of review the project needs.

The city established a page on its website dedicated to information about marijuana cultivation.