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Investor Turns Sacramento Roller Rink into Venue, Recording Studio

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SACRAMENTO -- Calling all aspiring music sensations -- Sacramento will soon be home to one of the most state-of-the-art music studios in the world.

"Instead of an oddity, we want people to say, 'They're from Sacramento!' Like when people are like, 'Oh yeah, they're from Nashville or Austin!'" Greg Kennedy, owner of The Rink Studios and Kevlyn Investments said.

The Rink Studios is the brain child of Kennedy, a former musician, now investor.

He calls it a music incubator -- made up of a performance venue, practice rooms, recording studios, a restaurant and a bar.

Kennedy said he could have opened this anywhere in the world but he chose to transform an old roller rink into his dream studio in Sacramento.

The reason? Too many undiscovered artists.

"I realize there is a ton of talent around here, that's just not getting the exposure they need. So that's why we're here," Kennedy said.

The building is from 1926. The floors are original from the 1940s roller rink. So the whole idea here was to keep that vintage feel, but upgrade it with modern technology.

"Why not? If you're going to do something weird, why not give it some character," Kennedy laughed.

Upstairs, a team of sound and video engineers will live stream all concerts, which means an unlimited audience.

"Essentially it doesn't matter whether you're here in Sacramento trying to reach the world. The world is going be able to see you via the live streaming wherever you are. The only challenge is, what time zone you're in," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said he is looking forward to opening the doors on June 1. But even more so for what is to come afterwards.

"This wall is basically going to be, at some point in time, covered with album covers, platinum records ... all the way down," Kennedy said.

Kennedy hopes to open more studios like this across the US.

They will all be called the Rink Studios, like this original one in Sacramento.