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California Automobile Museum Launches Fundraiser for New Roof

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SACRAMENTO -- It houses some of the most classic cars of all time -- from the 1920s and '30s all the way up to modern day. Some automobiles are in their original form and others that are completely restored.

"We are a great community resource, as well as a museum of history, of art, of technology. All through that lens of a cars windshield," said Delta Pick Mello, the executive director of the museum.

But now it's the roof of the California Automobile Museum that needs restoring.

"We've not had the funds to put on a whole new roof, and so as you can see, we've done various patching over the last 30 years," Mello said.

The museum first opened back in 1987. It averages 60,000 visitors per year.

This past winter, in particular, was extremely harsh on the roof.

"It has really exposed new areas of pain in the roof. So we started fundraising a year ago to meet our commitment with the city to fix the roof as part of our lease with them," Mello said.

Within the museums circle of friends, they've been able to raise nearly all of the $750,000 needed for a full roof replacement. But they still need around $30,000 more. So, they are turning to the community for help through a fundraising account.

"When it rains, our volunteers put out anywhere from 50 to 65 buckets. We've been very fortunate, we haven't had any big mishaps. We've been able to arrange cars sometimes to avoid leakage,"Mello said.

But the patchwork and buckets on the 72,000 square foot roof aren't enough.

"We need it to protect our visitors, our volunteers, our staff and our valuable collection," Mello said.

The museum's CauseVox campaign can be found here.