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‘Califorina’: CSU Stanislaus Issues Misspelled Graduation Stoles

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TURLOCK -- Graduation is a step towards adulthood many students at CSU Stanislaus have dreamed of for years.

So when Roxana Vega pictured herself with the black gown, the tassel and all the pomp and circumstance, she didn’t think that around her neck would be a misspelled stole. The graduating senior is just one of hundreds of students who picked up a misspelled red stole last week

Administrators say they sent out an email as soon as they realized the mistake. Students we spoke to say they hadn’t realized that the ‘i’ in California was misplaced until the email went out.

“When they told me about it I was like, 'Oh really, I had no idea that that was a problem going on right now,'” Roxana Vega, a senior said.

CSU Stanislaus mistakenly issued graduation stoles with an unfortunate misspelling.

CSU Stanislaus says Barnes and Noble, the company that runs the student store, has placed a rush order on correctly spelled stole.

“Yeah, it’s not a big deal. I mean as long as they’re here before the actual graduation ceremony I don’t think it’s a big problem,” Marodin Shabaz, a senior at CSU Stanislaus said.

Students who choose to exchange the stole will also get a $25 gift card to spend at the student store. Although the stole set students back $30, some are planning to hold onto it because it’s a light hearted moment they want to remember.

“I’m actually going to keep mine. I don’t want to exchange it or anything like that,” Vega said.

While Vega plans to keep the stole she just hopes they get her name right on her diploma because she says her first name is often misspelled with an extra ’n’. Stanislaus State says the correctly spelled stoles should be in the student store by May 18, which is one week before commencement. They add 2,500 students applied to walk.​