Parents Frustrated by Lack of Notification About Lock Down at Raymond Case Elementary School

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It started off like any other Monday, but when school was almost out at Raymond Case Elementary School in Elk Grove, a nearby burglary investigation put the campus on a precautionary lock down.

One mom didn't want to reveal her face or name but did want to share what she and her 8-year-old went through.

"She kinda just said 'the doors were locked, and we couldn't really go anywhere,' and I said 'OK,' and then she came out and told me later that she peed in her pants," the mother said.

That was hard enough to hear for this mom of a child with a mood disorder in one of Case's special needs classrooms.

But the fact that she didn't learn about the lock down at all until her daughter's bus was more than 30 minutes late arriving home, right around 4 p.m., disturbed this mom the most.

"I feel that all parents should have received something while it was happening, versus finding out an hour and half later," she said.

Other parents who called the school looking for their kids and then called FOX40 when they learned a lock down had come and gone say they were told it started at 1:45 p.m.

According to Xanthi Pinkerton, communications director for the Elk Grove Unified School District, the lock down wasn't implemented until 2:15 p.m. Class would normally be dismissed at 2:30.

Pinkerton stressed to FOX40 by phone that though there was no incident on campus, student safety was the district's first priority. That had to be addressed before any notifications went out.

This mom says she's received lock down alerts from her other children's schools in a timely manner -- before the situations were over.

"I never received anything -- still haven't, still to right now," the mother said.

"My concern is what, you know, if it had been more serious or deadly and kids were hurt. I wouldn't have found out that my child was hurt until later," she said.