Chaos Erupts as Teens Brawl at Modesto’s Campus Clash

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MODESTO -- From up above to in the church pews students from a number of Modesto schools said the 5th annual Campus Clash at “The House” in Modesto was one to remember.

“Yeah, it was really good," said Mackenzie Borges, a student at Enochs High School. "Yeah, it was fun.”

“It was really fun, it was an exciting experience," said Avery Tobin, a sophomore at Enochs. "The atmosphere of it all was just really amazing. It was really cool.”

After the games were over and Enochs High School was named the winner on Wednesday night, witnesses told FOX40 that a dozen kids started throwing punches.

“It was really just pure chaos," said Austin Tackett-Fortuna, a freshman at Enochs. "You had no idea what was going on.”

“A lot of people actually ran towards the action but me and my friends, like, we just stayed back," Tobin remarked. "We weren’t trying to be in the middle of that.”

Heather Graves with the Modesto Police Department said officers along with Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to what was reported as several fights.

“We estimated about 100 involved but to what extent their involvement was I’m not positive,” explained Heather Graves, a spokeswoman with the police department.

Graves said when officers arrived the crowd began to disperse.

"There were thousands in attendance so just those...that small group were the ones causing the disturbance," Graves said.

No one was arrested, no injuries were reported.

“We have our own security team. Our security team was there," said Pastor Glen Berteau, the head pastor with The House. "We called the police, we have a good relationship with the police and had them come out.”

Pastor Berteau said attendees were warned if they started a fight they would be suspended from their schools.

“Sad that we want to headline a couple bad kids that might have tried to do something but never did anything, nobody was hurt,” he told FOX40.

Despite the violence, Berteau hopes to reach out to the troubled kids and hopes to one day bring some positive change to their lives.

“Our job, of course, in the church here I’m very strong in unity," Pastor Berteau explained. "We’ve gotta come together, we’ve gotta stop the hate.”

The Modesto City Schools District released this statement about the event:

Campus Clash is not a district or school sponsored event. We were not working in cooperation with The House and are disappointed that The House portrayed that they discussed the rules of the event with district or school officials. As it was not a district or school sponsored event, staff did not attend the event and we know only what was reported in the news. We made our school safety staff aware of the news stories this morning and have been in contact with the Modesto Police Department as we would with any circumstance involving our students.

Graves said if a victim were to come forward then there may be some arrests.