Estimated 6 Million Gallons of Wastewater Leaked into Tributaries of Lake Berryessa

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NAPA COUNTY -- Millions of gallons of sewage water may have leaked into creeks near Lake Berryessa over the past rainy season.

That's according to a state database, which monitors leaks from treatment plants.

The rains caused water to overflow into a sewage treatment facility. An estimated 6 million gallons of waste water likely went right into the lake and nearby Putah Creek.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the problem started this fall and winter, when heavy rains filled up storage ponds used to treat wastewater at a facility in the Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District.

That forced the district to spray wastewater on land, where it mixed with rainfall and flowed into Putah Creek and on to Lake Berryessa, according to the Sacramento Bee.

The Sacramento Bee also reports that E. coli levels next to Putah Creek were at seven times the level allowed by the board.

The lake supplies drinking water for Vacaville and Vallejo, but county officials told The Sacramento Bee the public was not at risk because water is treated for pathogens. Record rainfall also likely helped dilute wastewater that did get in.

People who spoke with FOX40 at the lake were furious a small water district, which only services about 160 homes, made such a huge mistake.

So far, the Central Valley Regional Water Control Board has not announced any fines.

That same water district responsible for the latest leak was also fined twice for other water waste leaks in 2005 and 2010, according to The Sacramento Bee.

FOX40 reached out to that water district, the county and the Regional Water Control Board today, but since it's a Sunday, not one has returned that call.