Community Comes Together One Month after Aly Yeoman’s Disappearance

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GRIDLEY -- It has been exactly a month now since Aly Yeoman disappeared from this community, but judging by the turn-out Sunday, that time hasn't dulled the emotions of the people who know and love her.

"We sincerely appreciate all the support we've gotten," said Yeoman's grandfather Allen James.

James says Aly's family still believes that someone could come forward with the key piece of information in the mysterious disappearance that has so far baffled the community and thwarted police.

And while there was plenty of speculation tonight, plenty of theories traded about what may have happened March 30, why Aly's truck and phone eventually turned up in a nearby orchard but she never has, there was also plenty of warm remembrances.

"She was always smiling," James said. "From the day she was born she always had that smile. And that was contagious."

It's been a grueling for this community, searchers and the family. But they say, they aren't about to give up.

"She's my first granddaughter, my first grandchild, and I do miss her," James said.