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Paralyzed Citrus Heights Man on the Road to Recovery, and the Altar

IN This month Mike Droter, securely strapped into a physical therapy tilt board, smiled for the camera after holding his head up and standing on his own for a full 10 minutes.

For Droter and his doctors, being able to do any of those things would have seemed impossible last year.

The Citrus Heights resident and his now fiancee, Jordan Lovas, were vacationing in Hawaii in September. On their final day, Droter wanted one last swim in the ocean. That's when waves overcame him and he broke his neck.

Doctors at a hospital in Honolulu said Droter had broken two vertebrae in his neck and had an injured spinal cord.

Droter was paralyzed from the neck down. He could not breath or eat on his own and was barely able to communicate with his loved ones.

Now, with physical therapy, Droter is able to eat without assistance and talk. He can even move his arms and legs, all things doctors were certain he would never be able to do again.

Droter and his family credit the physical therapy for his miraculous recovery. However, his physical therapist isn't covered by insurance. Now, Droter and his fiance are looking for help and have launched a GoFundMe to cover some of his medical expenses.

The goal now -- to get him strong enough to stand at the altar next to his bride-to-be in March of next year.