Truckee River Under Flood Advisory as Water Levels Continue to Rise

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TAHOE CITY --  The Truckee River from Lake Tahoe Dam to Truckee is under a flood advisory through at least Tuesday afternoon.

Portions of the bike trail alongside the river are underwater, and the backyards of some homes on the river banks are also flooded.

Swift water is lapping at the wall that protects the River Ranch patio. The restaurant and hotel is closed anyway until May 19 for routine seasonal maintenance.

The river is at its highest flow between Tahoe City and Bear Creek since February of 1999, according to the National Weather Service.

The increased flow is a result of water management authorities increasing the flow out of Lake Tahoe to make room for snow melt.

Campgrounds along the the Truckee River between Tahoe City and Truckee are closed while the water runs high.

"These high flows will continue for an indefinite amount of time as officials manage the water in the Truckee reservoir system in anticipation of high snow melt flows in May and June," said the National Weather Service in the flood advisory. "Officials are constantly monitoring the high flows and flood impacts."