Trump Creates Tech Council to ‘Modernize’ Government’s Digital Services

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WASHINGTON — Trump is continuing efforts to forge a better working relationship with Silicon Valley.

The White House announced Monday that President Trump signed an executive order establishing an American Technology Council to help the government “transform and modernize” its digital services.

According to the order, which was signed by Trump on Friday, he will preside over the council’s meetings. The ultimate goal: “coordinate the vision, strategy, and direction” and “advice to the President related to policy decisions” regarding the federal government’s use of information technology.

But the order did not include details about who will participate in the council, or when it will first meet. It specifies 19 members of the administration who will be members of the council, and notes that additional invitees will also be asked to attend.

Trump has had a rocky relationship with Silicon Valley leaders, which began in part by his controversial travel ban rejected by many in Silicon Valley.

So tech leaders have found themselves in a precarious position: Communication with the administration is important for business issues, including navigating regulations but can also result in backlash from customers who don’t agree with the administration’s policies and stances.