Friends, Family Remember Life of Rio Linda Stabbing Victim

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RIO LINDA -- Among so many missing so much following the murder of 18-year-old Russell Jarvis, is a brother missing a lifetime of lost possibilities.

"I was always trying to keep him out of trouble and trying to show him the right path. And I was supposed to move into an apartment with him this weekend... and he's just gone," said Chris Moore.

Instead of moving in together, Moore, the rest of his family and his family of friends are trying to figure out how to move forward.

"He was a somebody, ya feel me," said one man in the crowd.

"Best dude I ever met. He was taken way to soon....too young," said one young lady through tears.

All at Tuesday's memorial tried to find comfort after crime -- sharing memories, lighting candles and standing near the Acura Jarvis loved to speed around in.

He was stabbed in the back Monday in the middle of a Rio Linda street, after friends say there was a flurry of online threats directed at him from the man now accused of killing him -- Nicholas Scott -- a former friend.

"(Russell) was told that (Nick) was gonna kill my brother. Then he was told he was gonna kill his family, and that's something that Russell takes really seriously 'cause he loves his family," said Moore.

Jarvis, the middle child of five, was getting his life on track just as it ended.

"It's not anything smart to do to go fight anybody anymore. This is what always ends up happening and this is what I always see on the news...and it's finally happening to me," said Moore.