Sacramento Firefighters Practice Battling Wildland Fires

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SACRAMENTO -- It's that time of year.

The time of year when Sacramento firefighters find themselves working outside -- working what they call wildland fires.

"Yeah, we've had several in the city in the last few days," said Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.

And as the number of field and forest fires tick up -- every firefighter is coming to practice their wildland skills.

"We basically get every firefighter in the department to come through at least once in every shift, and get these skills dusted off," Harvey said.

And even as they were training, a call out for a vegetation fire in Sacramento. That one was pretty small. They won't all be, not this year.

"These are trees, grasses, brushes that have grown very tall because of the rain. Well, now when we start to get into drier weather, and hotter in July and August, these fuels dry out. This could lead to some real extreme fire behavior," Harvey said.

Sacramento Fire is determined to be ready, that's what these training cycles are all about.