Two Families Homeless After Fire Guts Two Houses in Arden Area

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SACRAMENTO -- On loud bang was heard before the sirens started.

"Crackling, you heard things breaking and popping," said neighbor Kerry Shearer.

Neighbors describe the overnight scene on Neptune Way in Sacramento.

"When I got here, I saw flames shooting up from the backyard," Shearer said.

That's when Shearer grabbed his cell phone to shoot video.

The fire started around midnight between two homes. Investigators say all seven people inside and their animals escaped, but both homes were destroyed.

"You hate to see any time like this happens and a family is displaced," Shearer said.

The Sacramento Metro Fire Department said it took more than 50 firefighters to put out the flames -- two were injured but they're expected to be OK.

"Amazing response from Metro Fire. They had a lot of crews here because this house was fully in flames," Shearer said.

The blaze was so intense it melted the siding on both homes.

Restoration teams spent much of the morning boarding windows and placing fences around the homes.

"I had windows open to air out the house and we kept hearing pops. It sounded like gunshots," neighbor Jessica Simmons said.


Simmons heard the chaos from her home three blocks away. Hours after the fire, she passed by the homes to see what was left.

"This is so crazy this happened so close to our house," Simmons said.

The Red Cross is working with the families to make sure they have a temporary place to stay. Neighbors say the fire should send a clear message to everyone in the community.

"You've got to have a working smoke detector because you never know when a fire can break out. Thank goodness the residents were able to get out of the home," Shearer said.