Early May Heat Hits Hard in Central Valley

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MODESTO -- With the blistering sun over Modesto there’s no doubt about it, it’s hot.

The unseasonably warm temperatures can be dangerous if you don’t prepare.

“Yeah, you don’t want to mess around with the heat,” Anthony Enos of Modesto said.

Enos likes to take it easy in the heat especially because he said he suffered from heat stroke twice.

“As long as you got water. As long as you go, just operate at a comfortable pace. Don’t overdo it,” Enos told FOX40.

Enos keeps a bottle of water handy and also stays indoors when possible.

Many families visited the Vintage Faire Mall, which is considered a cooling center. They retreated from the heat, some with an ice cold treat in hand. The good news is that temperatures are expected to drop on Thursday but in the meantime stay cool, stay hydrated.​

The projected high temperature in Modesto was 95 degrees. The average high is 80 degrees.