Dozens of Woodland Students Sickened by Gastrointestinal Illness

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WOODLAND -- The Woodland Unified School District says that 70 students across the district stayed home sick Friday.

Students reported symptoms like nausea and diarrhea. Health officials did not say what the cause was, but the symptoms seem consistent with norovirus.

The illnesses began exactly a week ago and while they are not saying it is norovirus they are saying the symptoms include nausea and diarrhea which is along those lines

The school district said they believe the sicknesses originated at C.E. Dingle Elementary School a week ago.

The district says 40 students across the district called out sick Thursday. However, only five of those sicknesses today were at C.E. Dingle.

Classes that were hit the hardest have received thorough cleaning, as well as the common areas of students, like the cafeteria. More cleaning will be done this weekend to help prevent the spread of any illness, according to the district.

Schools in Elverta reported a similar illness on Thursday.