Female Lyft Drivers Say Passenger Masturbated in Their Cars

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SACRAMENTO -- Two female Lyft drivers have filed reports with the ridesharing company and local police after one of their passengers masturbated in their cars.

The man allegedly works at the Walmart on Florin Road, the location where he requested a ride from Lyft prior to both instances. Both women also report picking up the man at 8 a.m., the first time on April 28 and the second just this Friday, following his night shift. He had wanted them to drop him off at the Providence Place Apartments on Mack Road.

In one statement, a Lyft driver reports that the incident started off strange when she was alerted to a "Rachel" needing a ride and instead a man in a Walmart employee uniform approached her car.

The man allegedly sat in the back seat and immediately moved her front passenger seat forward so he could spread his legs. She says she then heard "weird groaning and moaning noises."

After dropping him off at the apartments, she noticed a white stain where he had been sitting.

The next victim reports picking the Walmart employee up at the same location. She heard noises from the man in the back seat and turned to see him masturbating.

In her report she says the man called himself Jeffrey in his Lyft profile.

Both women filed police reports with the Sacramento County Police Department and detectives are looking into it.

In a statement from Lyft the company reports that they have already deactivated the passenger's profile and ability to access the app. They have also reached out to the drivers.