Some Northern California Residents File Suit Against State Gov’t, Say They’re Not Fairly Represented

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Andy White and his dad drove down to the state Capitol from far Sierra County on Monday to talk to their state senator. Instead, they met an aid.

The men are not surprised. They say they get that a lot -- no response to phone calls or emails.

"We've sent quite a few, and we've come to the point where we had to file a lawsuit against the state of California," said Sierra County resident Andy White.

Along with Californians from 21 other northern, rural counties, the men have sued claiming they are not fairly represented in the state's government. Eleven of those counties are represented by one senator. Los Angeles County alone is represented by 11 senators.

"The legislation being passed down here, it's run amok. It's run amok. It's a one-sided deal," White said.

But what these men really want isn't better representation in the state of California, they want to leave California and form a new state -- the state of Jefferson.

"Okay, well, the state of Jefferson is very simple. California is too big to be governed. It's just too big," White said.

New gas taxes, new cigarette taxes, transgender bathroom law -- these separatists say what may be a good idea for metropolitan California, doesn't work in the northern counties. So they want to form their own state, and the lawsuit is likely part of their strategy.

"We want to add a star to the flag," White said.

And if they can get the courts to agree that they are under represented now... the idea of the state of Jefferson will get that much closer to the main stream.