Girlfriend of Man Killed by Deputies in Rancho Cordova Speaks Out

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RANCHO CORDOVA -- Joanna Mezquita thought she had a future with Mikel McIntyre, a man she had been dating for the last nine months.

"I just felt like Mikel was just the beginning of something new," she said.

Mezquita and McIntyre last spoke three days earlier.

"He was a very family oriented guy," Mezquita told FOX40. "He loves baseball. He was actually really good at baseball."

Monday night, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said McIntyre was reported choking a woman in a car on Olsen Drive in Rancho Cordova. Investigators said McIntyre threw a rock at a deputy's head and ran away. Minutes later, officials said he threw another rock at a K-9 and tried to hit other deputies at the scene.

McIntyre was ultimately shot by two deputies and taken to the hospital, where he later died.

Court records in Contra Costa County show McIntyre had a restraining order against him by a woman claiming domestic abuse.

But Mezquita says that's not the man she knew.

"I've been in abusive relationships. I definitely know what abuse is," she said. "He is definitely not that way. He loves me so much and it just really hurts."

Now, Mezquita is wondering what exactly happened Monday night.

"Like I said, there are three sides to every story and, unfortunately, we will never hear Mikel's story," she told FOX40.

The K-9 investigators say McIntyre threw a rock at will have shoulder surgery. The injured deputy is recovering at home.