Sacramento Names First Chief of Cannabis Policy and Enforcement

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SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento is the first municipality to create a chief of cannabis policy and enforcement position at a city level.

Joe Devlin started the job last week and officially addressed a subcommittee of Sacramento City Council publicly Tuesday for the first time.

The chief of cannabis policy and enforcement is in charge of enforcing current policy and trying to bring illegal pot operations into the light and out of the shadows. Devlin will also oversee all aspects of the cannabis industry in Sacramento -- from dispensaries to delivery, cultivation and manufacturing.

Devlin also wants to address illegal commercial marijuana operations in Sacramento neighborhoods, he says the city could have as many as 1,000.

The city says the 4 percent business operations tax on legal dispensaries will bring in about $4 million for general fund this year. That said, between 35 and 55 percent of all pot business in Sacramento is done illegally, so none of that illegal business is being taxed. And the city is missing out on a lot of money.

The first issue Devlin brought up Tuesday to the law and legislation committee was marijuana delivery services in the city.

Right now, there are also about 200 delivery services in Sacramento that are all considered to be illegal because the city hasn't issued any licenses for pot delivery.