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Demonstrators Rally Outside FBI’s Roseville Offices Following Comey’s Firing

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ROSEVILLE -- Honks of support for protesters near the FBI field office in Roseville, along with some big thumbs down for their stand about the controversy that's hit America's premiere law enforcement agency in the last 24 hours.

James Comey -- director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation -- firedĀ  in the middle of his agents' probe into ties between now President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian election hacking.

Some people might be confused by seeing folks out protesting in front of the FBI building, but Pam Gruber of Rocklin says the group is not against what the FBI is doing.

"No, no, we're here supporting as you can see, supporting an independent FBI," said Gruber.

Though Comey's ousting has been blamed on his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, Gruber and others feel the FBI now needs more support for independent work since the firing came just as that Russia probe was intensifying.

Instead of a sign that says "follow the money," one lady holds a sign that says "follow the rubles."

"Isn't this squashing the, uh, the investigation? And his reasons for firing are, uh, are B.S." said Jessica Pineda of Sacramento.

"We support them and have their backs, but what happened and what's going on...it's just suspicious," said Chris Nagy-Chow of Fair Oaks.

"If there's corruption to be rooted out or other issues, they're going to continue investigating," said former FBI Agent Don Vilfer, in response to those afraid Comey's firing was meant to obstruct.

It's a response formed by 15 years on the job.

"In reality, the work of the FBI goes on regardless of the politics. It's a very apolitical organization," he said.

"Even if there's some kind of undue presidential influence, there's an inspector general, there's a department of justice, we have checks and balances," he said.

Still, for lifelong, registered Republicans who were concerned enough about Trump's behavior six months ago to vote for Clinton and now find themselves protesting in Roseville -- worries are increasing, not fading.

"How much further can Trump go before Republican senators and congressmen finally have to stand up and say 'enough's enough,'" questioned Rocklin's Bill Gunning.

The White House has been very clear that Comey lost his job for not doing a good job.

Trump and other Republicans are now calling complaining Democrats hypocrites since many Democrats wanted Comey to be handed a pink slip right after the email press conference some believe cost Clinton the presidency.