City Asks Residents How to Transform Old Cement Building at Winn Park

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SACRAMENTO -- Maybe you've seen it or driven past it and not even noticed it's there.

We're talking about the old, cement building in the middle of Winn Park in the heart of midtown. That building has been vacant for years, but now the city is asking for your suggestions to turn it into something unique and useful.

"You know, right now it's a negative, but it should be a positive, and we want to find a way to activate," said Sacramento City Councilman Steven Hansen.

Recently, the city held a survey asking residents what they'd like to see the old, rundown, cement building become.

Some ideas suggested: a small museum, a recreation center, something for the homeless or a dog area.

Hansen is listening to any and all ideas these days about what to do with a building that once was a fire alarm relay station -- the switchboard panels still in place.

Hansen has teamed up with the Institute of American Architects to solicit and develop ideas for the building.

"It could be a light touch, or a heavy touch. But ultimately we want to preserve the building, honor its Art Deco history, and bring activity to the park so that the people that live around here can enjoy it," Hansen said.

But the city can't do it alone. They are searching for someone to partner with and help finance the renovation of the building.

Hansen said the support for the project has been overwhelming from the residents and the business community.

"Some of these parks have been forgotten. And I think it's time the city reinvest in the parks in the central city," Hansen said.

If you have an idea for the building you'd like the city to consider, you can email Steve Hansen at :