10 Protesters Arrested outside Monsanto’s Woodland Facility

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WOODLAND -- Ten demonstrators were arrested Monday during a protest outside the Monsanto facility in Woodland.

More than 30 people gathered for the protest against genetically modified organisms the company uses in the seeds they manufacture. Currently, the Woodland facility produces 20 fruit and vegetable seeds -- only two of those are genetically modified.

"When people are being poisoned by these corporations and the government is turning a blind eye, people have to step up and sometimes their personal freedom might have to be put on the line," demonstrator James Clark said.

The Yolo County Sheriff's Office allowed the group to protest outside the facility, but arrested some for blocking the entrance.

A spokesperson for Monsanto issued a statement after the protest:

"The more than 20,000 people of Monsanto are committed to having an open dialogue about modern agriculture and how food is grown as we focus on using digital tools, data and research to find solutions that balance the need to feed people and protect the planet."

But protesters say they aren't buying it.

"Monsanto's interest is the bottom line, Monsanto's interest is profit," Clark said. "Organic farming is just as productive."