Park Rangers Warn of Fast, Dangerous American River

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SACRAMENTO -- With temperatures in the upper 90s, Sacramento County Park Rangers are warning people to stay off the lower American River because of high water flows.

Despite those warnings, plenty of rafters were on the river Monday, forecasted to be the hottest day of the year so far.

"It’s mostly like desperation," rafter Katheryne Kolze said. "Like, just getting out of the heat, it’s not even like for fun."

Raft rental businesses are still closed amid warnings from park rangers to stay out of the water -- but for some, the temptation was just too great.

"Hot weather and cold water, it's perfect," rafter Jane Cox said.

While a trip down the river sounds refreshing on a hot day, others get more fired up for a walk or bike ride.

“Actually, I like it when it’s warmer, it gets me out here earlier, it gets me moving more because I enjoy the warm weather," Shannon Santi said.

Santi's daily routine includes a two-mile walk.

The same goes for bicyclist Robert Erbeau, whose route takes him 40 miles.

"I wait until this time of day mainly because I like to be out when it’s hot and if you dress accordingly and use sunscreen and drink a lot of water, you’re OK," he said.