Video Shows Smash-and-Grab Robbery at Roseville Galleria

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ROSEVILLE -- Seven seconds of cell phone video capture the tail end of a smash-and-grab robbery at a Roseville Galleria jewelry store.

They caught David Zumot's attention as he was trying to get other people's attention at a kiosk in the center of the mall.

"Like I saw one of them had a white skill mask," Zumot said.

He says he saw five men in masks and hoodies -- some wielding baseball bats.

Roseville police say they busted glass display cases and stole an undisclosed amount of merchandise before running out and driving away in a black SUV.

Roseville police had the SUV on the back of a tow truck and the suspects in custody by the time Zumot made it to his second shift selling time shares at Raley Field.

"There's so many cameras everywhere, so it's like...." Zumot said.

So it wasn't a surprise to some.

"They were all detained in a nearby residence," Roseville police Sgt. Kelby Newton said.

Newton said a sheriff's department helicopter tracked their getaway car to a neighborhood near Watt and Marconi.

And inside they found items connected to the jewelry store.

Police said Tuesday that five people were taken into custody in relation to the robbery.

It was surprising to Eamun Forghany because he's one of several mall vendors who witnessed a nearly identical smash-and-grab at the same DeVon's Jewelry store just three weeks ago.

"Broke the front glass with a metal bat, grabbed a Rolex, and they stormed out. All happened under 10 seconds," Forghany said.

"I wonder if it was the same person or same set of people?" Zumot said.

Roseville police say detectives are investigating to determine whether both crimes are connected.