Mom Pulls 4 Kids Out of School Amid Norovirus Outbreak

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WINTERS -- One mom isn't taking any chances with her four kids. She says they go to four different Yolo County schools and that when one of them told her that they heard a teacher had norovirus, she decided to pull them out of school for the remainder of the year.

"It's been a week today that my kids have not been in their schools," the mom, who only wanted to be referred to as Jamie, said.

And with about a week left in the school year, Jamie says her kids are going to stay right at home where she knows, at least for now, that norovirus isn't.

"I'm trying to keep my family safe," she said.

Jamie asked FOX40 to keep her last name private and conceal her identity. She says that after she posted about keeping her kids home on Facebook, other parents, and even a nurse, criticized her, saying that norovirus is not that big of a deal and that she shouldn't keep her kids in a bubble.

"I'm not crazy ... like some people are trying to say for keeping my kids out of school," she said.

"Now that it hit 3,000, who's laughing now," she said.

She says her four kids, ages 16, 12, 10 and 6 go to four different Yolo County schools. One of them told her that their teacher had norovirus. When she saw Tuesday that the norovirus outbreak had now sickened 3,205 people, mainly in Yolo County schools, she had one question.

"A week ago they said it hadn't peaked yet. It still hasn't peaked yet. What are the numbers gonna be one week from now?" she said.