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Lingering Snow, Swampy Sites Could Put a Damper on Holiday Weekend Camping

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You'll want to check with your favorite campground to make sure they're open before making plans to camp anytime soon.

Many places that are normally flooded with campers by now, are flooded with water and closed because of it.

The Hampshire Rocks Campground on the South Yuba River near Donner Summit is a prime example.

The river is absolutely raging right now as a result of snow melt. And it's so swollen, it's flooding many of the campsites. There is water where you would pitch a tent.

And even in portions of the campground the river can't reach, there is still a lot of snow hanging around. And where a lot of it has melted, the campground is a swamp, swarming with mosquitoes.

The winter took a major toll on high elevation campgrounds. There were some hurricane force wind gusts. Trees are still down all over the place.

And backpackers will want to keep in mind, many of their favorite trails are covered in snow up high.

But closed campgrounds and snow-covered trails are a small price to pay for a winter that brought much of California out of drought.