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Local Singer was on Tour with Ariana Grande

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SACRAMENTO -- For a young woman raised in the Sacramento area, singing on the world's stages is the realization of a dream -- opening for pop sensation Ariana Grande.

Monday a terrorist turned part of performer Victoria Monet's dream into a nightmare -- bombing an arena in Manchester, England, as the concert there was ending.

Twenty-two people were killed, dozens more were wounded.

Monet, whose real name is Victoria McCants took to social media saying:

"I wish I could say that I am OK but I am not. Safe? Yes, but heartbroken that loved ones who came to have the night of their lives ended up losing them. They weren't safe. I will never understand this hate!"

Usually Amanda Gutierrez only watches the morning news, but she happened to turn it on Monday evening and realized the friend she danced with for years at Sacramento's Step 1 Studios was at an event targeted by a terrorist.

"Instantly I messaged her...'hey are you OK' and she replied pretty quickly. She's fine, she's just upset of course...disturbed...but just so happened to be one of those things lined out for me to know about and message her," Gutierrez said by phone.

Gutierrez feared initially that Monet might have stepped into the audience after her own set.

"She'll go into the audience to record Ariana from the audience point, so it scared me. Was she in the audience at this time? It really freaked me out, thinking 'Oh my God.'"

Gutierrez quickly found comfort learning her friend and longtime fellow performer was just fine and hadn't gone down to the floor that night.

She did her best to offer comfort in return.

"We talked just about, you know, the situation and going through the experience. And I just reassured her that I was there for her and if she needed somebody, we don't get to talk too much. We don't get to see each other too much, but a good friend is still a good friend no matter how far away or how long it's been. I just need to make sure she knew I was there."

No one representing Monet as the opener on this tour responded to FOX40's request for direct comment from her.