Sacramento Music Festival Returns to Streets of Old Town

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SACRAMENTO -- Melodies are flowing again onto the festive streets of Old Sacramento this memorial day weekend.

The festival’s name may have changed five years ago but the groovy vibe remains.

The 44th annual event this now includes much more than traditional Jazz.

"We went ahead and expanded and now we bring in rock and roll, Latino, zydeco, and of course the traditional jazz, country swing," Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society President Dennis Speciale said.

This year, the festival will feature 250 live music performances by 70 bands at 14 venues. Some of the headliners include Queen Nation, Bob Draga and High Street. You'll also see local groups and youth bands. Ticket proceeds go to the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, a group that develops and nurtures the next generations of musicians.

"We have jazz camps, we have jazz instruction, we have mentors from professional band come in and talk to the kids, and we have them form their own groups, and they're playing this weekend," Speciale told FOX40.

Organizers say there's no better place to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend weather, music and atmosphere than the Sacramento Music Festival.

"The genuine thing about this whole event is live music," Speciale said. "It's better than anything taped or recorded."

More information and tickets can be found here.