Shooter who Killed North Highlands Father of 4 Still At Large

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NORTH HIGHLANDS -- More than a year after her son's shooting death, Diante Jones' mother says justice has still not been served.

The 25-year-old single father of four was shot in the head in his Renick Way driveway and later died in the hospital where he was put on life support so his organs could be harvested and donated.

His mother, Myra Jones, says that on March 23 of last year she had just spoken with him in the house before taking a nap. Then he was shot. She still remembers the image of him struggling to breathe in the driveway after the shooting and says that moment will never leave her.

Diante Jones had his first child when he was 15, but his mother tells FOX40 that she made him stand up and be a man. He had full custody of all four of his children, who are now being raised by their grandmother.

While the shooter remains at large, Myra Jones says she cannot be at peace.

"It's horrible to be at a store, and if someone looks at you for longer than you think they should, you wonder if they had something to do with it," Myra Jones said. "From the grocery store to the gas station, I don't know if I'm standing next to the person who took my baby's life."

Neighbors could only give police minimal details about the shooter, who was described as a black man who fled the scene toward Harrison Street.

For the sake of her grandchildren left without a father, Myra Jones hopes that someone who knows the person who took her son's life will come forward.

"I don't want him to walk around and act as is he just killed a fly with a fly swatter, and that's the end of it," Myra Jones said. "We want peace. His boys deserve peace."