Report: Regents Party at University of California’s Expense

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A newspaper investigation finds the University of California Board of Regents spent tens of thousands of dollars on parties, including a $17,600 banquet the night before they voted in January to raise student tuition.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Sunday the office of UC president Janet Napolitano has reimbursed the regents for more than $225,000 in dinner parties since 2012. During that period, the regents held four to six parties a year for themselves, their spouses and other guests.

UC says regents’ dinners are paid for by private funds bequeathed to the university. But even some regents say the cost should be borne by those attending, not by the university system.

The events included a $15,199 dinner on May 17 at San Francisco’s elegant Palace Hotel for 59 people.