Iraq War Veteran Gets a Helping Hand on Memorial Day

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ROSEVILLE -- A veteran in need is getting some help from those who want to thank him for his service.

Staff Sgt. Austin Wilson served in the Iraq War for six years, before being honorably discharged.

After his wife's job moved her to Portland, Oregon in January, the Iraq War Air Force veteran was left to take care of his three kids, and to sell their home in Roseville, fast. All the renovations were ready to go. Until the painters suddenly backed out.

So, the community came together to help a veteran in need.

Realtor Mark Soto runs a military non-profit. When he found out about Wilson's circumstances, he called out to his friends. Immediately, Sherwin Williams committed to donating the paint. And Chris Gardner with Paint Rite Pros provided the free labor.

"I said, 'how many of you guys are willing to give up a three day weekend?'" Gardner said. "And I had a lot of them raise their hand."

The home will be fully painted by the finishing deadline at 2 p.m. so it can be back on the market.

Once he found out everything was going to be taken care of, Wilson joined his wife and kids in Oregon. Giving his father, Don Wilson, also a veteran, the easy job of simply watching over the project.

"If I could I'd give them all hugs and kisses," Don Wilson said. "I'm dead serious. This is truly a great feeling."

Everyone involved knows it's Memorial Day today -- a day to honor the soldiers who have fallen. But they still wanted to do something for someone who sacrificed their life, and survived.

"He had the courage to go do something that I didn't have the courage to do," Gardner said. "And that's to serve in the military, so I'm extremely grateful for our soldiers. I can't thank them enough, so this is our way of honoring a hero."